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MOS-TANGRAM is a successful owner-operated enterprise. We offer software solutions for the entire mail order process chain, currently used by more than 100 mail order businesses all over Europe.

Our multichannel software will simplify your commodities management in online, store and mail order sales. It will optimize your processes and lead to efficient purchasing and smart logistics.

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Our references

“MOS-TANGRAM is an all-in-one solution that adapts to our requirements on logistics, storage and delivery.”

Matthias Bergmann, Manager Deerberg Versand

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mail oder solution

Our solutions

Ranging from the mail order software MOS-CHOICE (ERP solution) to MOS OXID Webshop, E-Shop Connector, intelligent MOS Customer Account and MOS POS solution: we offer professional software solutions, consulting, implementation and service – all from a single source.

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Metamorph live with MOS-CHOICE6

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